Hemel Hempstead Recycling Event

Saturday 9 April, 2016 (10am to 3pm)

What to do with your broken toaster or redundant TV?

If you have any unwanted electrical items lurking in your attic or under your bed, then please bring them to the Cupid Green depot on Saturday 9 April so that they can be recycled properly or even reused!

The Hertfordshire Waste Partnership (HWP) is holding this event specifically for residents to dispose of household electrical goods. This is one of ten special events which will take place across the county between April and July. The council is working with WEEE Stop, a company that provides an innovative solution for electrical recycling needs, to collect and inspect unwanted items. These could be anything with a plug or batteries – from a washing machine to a pocket calculator – which will then be recycled or reused.

Electrical items should be disposed of at events such as these or your local household waste recycling centres. They should not be placed in your kerbside bin, as they can contain toxic chemicals like mercury and lead, which can leak into landfill, and could harm people or wildlife living nearby.

Any electrical items that are powered by a plug or a battery are accepted. Those items that can be reused will be repaired if necessary, tested and put back on the market. Items which are not suitable for reuse will be dismantled and segregated for material recovery, with different material types sent to companies to be recycled into new products. Fluorescent tubes will not be accepted at these events but can be taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres for correct disposal.

Visit www.facebook.com/wasteawarepartnership or www.wasteaware.org.uk or call 0300 1234 051 to find your nearest electrical item recycling event. All 10 events take place on weekends between Saturday 9 April and Saturday 30 July and will be open to welcome residents between 10am and 3pm.

Charity Information

Chair : Ian Caldwell
Treasurer : Teresa Finnigan
Secretary : Russell Thomas

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