Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch

OWL - Online Watch Link

Neighbourhood Watch has been promoting safety and crime prevention in Redbourn since 1997. Studies show that crime is lower where neighbourhood watch schemes operate. Hertfordshire continues to be one of the safest counties in the country. By working with your neighbours watching out for each other and sharing simple tips you can help to keep our neighbourhood safe.

Would you consider joining the Watch scheme in your road?

If so here are some of the benefits:

  • Receive information directly from the police about crime in your area
  • Share warnings about rogue traders operating in the district
  • Gain access to free Crime Prevention advice and discounted Crime Prevention equipment
  • Obtain lower premiums on home insurance with some companies

Help your neighbours and encourage a stronger community spirit within your road.

OWL has three main uses:

  • Requesting help: There has been an incident and the police are looking for assistance, did you see anything?
  • Awareness: Examples being there are un-licensed traders in the area; there are distraction burglars in the area.
  • Information: Community Messaging from Agencies

You receive the information directly into your e-mail inbox

Useful contact information

  • 999 if you are witnessing a crime or emergencies
  • 101 if you wish to report a crime, after the event
  • 0800 555 111 Crime Stoppers to keep anonymity
  • to keep up to date with police and community messaging

Secure your home

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked when you leave your property.
  • Keep your car keys out of sight, in hallways, kitchens or window sills.
  • If you are going out at night fit timer switches to lights.
  • Keep photos of your valuable items for insurance purposes.
  • Register your valuables on - it is free and supported by the police.
  • Secure mobile devices by downloading tracking software from your app store. It can enable the police to locate your device if it is stolen.

Secure your Garage and Outbuildings

  • If you have rear or side access to your property with a gate, lock it... with a padlock.
  • Check the locks on the buildings and add extra measures if you feel they are not robust.
  • Lock ladders tools and other equipment away as they can be used to break into homes.

Secure your vehicle

  • When not using it lock it and set the security system. Even on your drive.
  • Do not leave it with the engine running.
  • Remove satnavs and remove the suction marks on the windscreen.
  • Never leave valuables in the car.
  • Store ownership documents at home and not in the vehicle.
  • Number plates are often stolen for criminal use. Secure yours with anti-theft screws.

Fraud and Scams

There are two main types:

  • Those that make contact by knocking on your door (Door step callers)
  • Those that make contact by phone / email etc (Scams)
Trust nothing, Suspect everyone, Check everything

Charity Information

Chair : Ian Caldwell
Treasurer : Teresa Finnigan
Secretary : Russell Thomas

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