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Have your say on South West Herts Transport Plan

Hertfordshire County Council has developed a new transport strategy for the South West Herts area up to 2031. The Draft South West Herts Growth & Transport Plan (GTP) proposes packages of transport schemes responding to transport challenges linked to planned growth across the area, and in support of the proposed objectives of this plan and the objectives of Hertfordshire’s new Local Transport Plan 4.

The South West Herts GTP focuses on Hemel Hempstead and the Watford area as well as links to surrounding towns including St Albans, Harpenden, Luton, Bushey and Rickmansworth. The plan has been developed with support from HCC’s consultants, with input from local county Councillors and district council partners such as the Local Enterprise Partnership.

They predict an increase of 32,000 homes being built and some 42,000 jobs being created by 2031 and as HCC play a major role in infrastructure provisions and are already under strain, they therefore need to have some idea of the future transport needs if they are to improve public transport links, cycling and pedestrian facilities, as well as make changes to motorways and A-roads to find solutions.

Some of the proposals in this plan include:

• Introduction of a new St Albans transport hub which would improve access along the Abbey line which runs between Watford and St Albans.

• Introduction of Maylands transport hubs (bus and coach interchange for access on the A roads and Motorways)

• Introduce or improve cycleways on and off road such as the Nickey line and A1081 corridor from St Albans, Harpenden and Luton and from Hemel Hemsptead to St Albans.

• Improvements to M1 J8 and a possible new J8a between Hemel and Redbourn

• Relocation or improvements to Hemel Hempstead train station

• Centralised Maylands car park, for car share schemes and electric charging points

Not much was mentioned on Luton's Airport expansion and the effect that this could potentially have, only the use of public bus services via transport hubs via the M1 or Redbourn village itself as well as other surrounding villages. The A5183 (Watling Road) linking Dunstable, Redbourn, St Albans and the 46 bus route from Hemel Hempstead, Redbourn to Luton were mentioned briefly.

What the plan would like to achieve

• Improve connectivity between places

• Sustainable travel modes such as walking, cycle and public transport to get people to school, work, shopping and leisure

• Reduce car use, alternative modes of transport, reduce emissions, noise and congestion

• Improve health and quality of life

There are 9 proposed transport schemes packages of the 9, the first 3 could have an impact or indirectly affect Redbourn.

This consultation gives us in REDBOURN an opportunity to feedback our thoughts and ideas on this plan and it could also help decide whether a proposal moves to the next stage.

They say this plan is a guide to steer the future direction of investment and transport priorities within the South West Herts area.

“The consultation remains open until 17 September and we would encourage people to comment on the objectives and give their views, link below to respond:


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