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Hemel Hempstead Road Stathams

Seen from the Nicky Line
Brooke Family's Shop

Opposite the church on the Hemel Road was Statham’s. The 1935 photo above was taken when the Brooke family ran the business. Later the was the premises were converted to be used as a garage.

Early 20th century cottages next to the Statham's Garage
Stathams Garage in the 1950's
The old Brookes family shop is white building seen centre right
The cottages are to the left of the parked lorries.

Close to Statham's on the Hemel Hempstead Road there was a brush factory. Little is known about it but it was believed to be in business from 1899 until 1915. It was first known as Henry Rose and Sons and then became Brushes Ltd.

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