Lamb Lane No.39

It has been suggested that this house was used as a beer house. The cellar opening can be quite clearly seen. This was during the 1870’s and 80’s and it was called the ‘Black Cat’. The house itself was one of a row (see the west end of the house). These cottages were built around 1770 probably as estate accommodation for Cumberland House. Adjoining them were other buildings such as stables. During the Second World War these cottages were used by evacuees (they also used temporary building on Holts Meadow). They were demolished as sub-standard after the War and the present Nos 33, 35 and 37, Lamb Lane built on the site (see below).  No 39 was lived in by Mr Everett during the War and he opened it again as a beer house called ‘The Lamb’. It survived the post war demolition.

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