Heritage Walk No.3 Walk to the Mills

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Start at Waterend Lane

Waterend Lane

Walk down Waterend Lane away from the High Street. Cross the River Ver using the small footbridge bedside the ford and with the nursery on your left continue walking until the footpath meets the old Railway track (The Nickey Line).

The Nickey Line

Turn right and walk along the track with the by-pass on your left.

The By-pass

Take the footpath on the right signed to the High Street. At the High Street, turn left and walk towards the roundabout. Cross the by-pass and proceed along the St Albans road with the Chequers Pub on your right.

Chequers Pub

On the left you will come across a Georgian House surrounded and concealed by conifer trees. This building is called the Elms.

The Elms

The old Running Horses Pub can be seen on the opposite side of the road.

Running Horses

Just after passing the Elms take the footpath on the left over a stile and walk across the crest of an embankment to a gate leading around the bottom of a field and on to a gravel track. You pass Redbourn Fisheries on your right. When you reach a Ford across the River Ver, turn right and walk across the wooden walk-way and past a large barn on your left. You will arrive at Redbournbury Mill.

Redbournbury Mill

As you approach the mill, look to your left and you will see Redbournbury Grange in the distance.

To the left of the mill, take the footpath heading back towards Redbourn. This path leads around the edge of a field and eventually meets the St Albans Road where there once stood another mill - Bettespool/Do-little Mill.

Dolittle Mill

Cross the road and walk in front of Dolittle Mill house. Take the foot path on the right by going through a gate. This footpath runs parallel to the St. Albans road. Continue until the path meets the By-pass. Cross the road and take the footpath immediately opposite that takes you to the Nickey Line. When you reach the railway track, turn right and walk to the bridge that crosses the southern end of the High Street. After crossing the bridge take the footpath on the left down to the High Street where you turn right to walk back to the starting point at Waterend Lane.

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