Heritage Walk No.2 Church End & South Redbourn

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Start at the Jolly Gardener(s) - West Common.

Proceed down Church End towards St Mary's Church Looking to your left and to your right at the historic buildings.

No. 8
No. 3
No. 14
Nos. 18-20
Nos. 22-30
Nos. 40-44
No. 45
No. 50
The Hollybush Pub
No. 35
No. 37
Old Workhouse
Former Church Hall
The Vicarage

At the end of the road, pass through the gates into the church yard towards the church.

St Mary's Church

With the church entrance behind you, walk towards Hemel Hempstead Road. The new building opposite you is Statham's Court, once Statham's Garage.

Stathams Court

Turn right and walk up to the new small bungalows on the right.

Bungalows/Waggon & Horses Pub

Continue walking along the road towards the motorway. Go under the motorway bridge.

Walk a little further to the entrance of the Aubrey Park Hotel. This was once Fosters Farm.

Aubrey Park Hotel

Walk towards the hotel and on the right there is a footpath to Aubreys Fort. Take a slight detour to look at this ancient monument and then return to the Hemel Hempstead Road.

Aubreys Fort

Come back under the motorway and cross the Hemel Hempstead road at its junction with the Redbourn By-pass.

The By-pass

Follow the footpath on to the old railway line (Nicky Line) walk.

Walk along the old railway track ignoring the first footpath(in the first few yards) on the left that leads back to the Hemel Hempstead Road. After around 500 yards, a footpath crosses the old railway track. Take a left turn her down between houses to join the area near the River Red once known as the Moor.

River Red & the Moor

Cross the river to join Chequer Lane where you turn left towards the Jolly Gardeners where the walk started.

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