Heritage Walk No.1 The Common

Start at the Parish Centre (marked above as as a star). Click on the photos to obtain more information as you progress through the walk

Parish Centre

You will see the War Memorial across the road.

War Memorial

Walk along "The Common" road with the Common to your right. The next building on you left is the Old Boys' School, now a children's nursery.

Old Boys' School

Keep walking past the Dairy Farm and the Museum on your left.

Dairy Farm

You will then arrive at the Cricketers Pub.

The Cricketers Pub

After the Cricketers, veer left into East Common.

Nos. 7-10
Mount Pleasant Terrace
No. 26
Nos. 27 & 28

At this point, look across the road to the Original Village School, now offices.

Original School

Resume your walk along East Common.

Nos. 29 & 30

The following houses were once known as "The Dirt Houses".

Continue your walk along East Common.

The Primitive Chapel
The Sheepwash

When you reach the end of East Common, cross the road and turn right. You are now walking on Chequer Lane alongside the River Red (hence the name Redbourn meaning reed river) in an area once known as the Moor.

The River Red / The Moor

At the end of Chequer Lane, cross the Hemel Hempstead Road on to Flamsteadbury Lane. The large house at the crossroads was once a pub called the Jolly Gardeners.

The Jolly Gardeners

Walk past the Jolly Gardeners on your left along Flamsteadbury Lane. You are now in the area known as West Common. Many old houses in this area were condemned and demolished but three remain and can be seen to your left.

At the road junction you will see Mansdale Cottages ahead of you as you turn right into North Common.

Mansdale Cottages

Continue your walk along North Common

Meadow Cottage
Beesnest Cottages

At the crossroads, cross over Lybury Lane. Walk a short way up Lybury Lane and look at Heath Lodge Cottage on the right returning to the crossroads afterwards.

Heath Lodge Cottage

On the corner of the crossroads you can see Heath Farmhouse.

Heath Farmhouse

Resume your walk along North Common and observe the cottages on your left.

Bungalows on the left at the junction with Lords Meadow occupy the site of the long demolished Snatchup Cottages.

Cross over Lords Meadow and continue along North Common.

Methodist Church
Nos.21 & 23
No. 24
Nos. 28 - 31
No. 27
Nos. 35 & 36

At the end of North Common you will see Cumberland House in front of you.

Cumberland House

Cross over "The Common" road, turn right and walk towards the War Memorial. As you walk, look out for the following buildings.

The Poplars/Greyfriars
The Bungalows/Cottages

You are now opposite the Parish Centre and have completed the walk.

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