Heritage Walk No.5 The High Street

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Start from the opposite side of Dunstable Road from the Fire Station (at No.92) The walk will highlight the buildings on the East Side of the High Street when you start and the return will feature the buildings on the west side of the High Street.

Nos. 91 - 97
Hardings & Walkers Garage
Nos. 79,81,83
No. 77
No. 75
No. 73
No. 71
No. 69
No. 67
No. 65
Village Hall
Nos. 47,49,51
The Bull Pub
No. 39
Nos. 35 & 37 The George
The Red House
Nos. 29, 31
Redbourn House Gertrude Peake Place
No. 27
No. 23
No. 21
No. 19

When you reach The Hub cyclists' venue, turn right into Fish Street. Walk along Fish Street observing the buildings on both sides of the road.

Nos. 3 & 5
Launay House Fish Street Farm
Christ Church
No. 19
No. 21
No. 23
Cobblers Mews

At the end of Fish Street with the War Memorial in front of you, turn left into The Park. Walk up the hill with the Parish Centre on your right.

The Park

At the top, turn right and walk along the road through the housing estate until you come to the T junction with Chequer Lane. Turn left and walk up the ramp on to the old railway track, the Nickey Line.

The Nickey Line

Walk along the track and cross the bridge over the southern end of the High Street. Take the steps down to the High Street and turn right. To the right you will pass the Industrial Estate once the site of a Jam Factory.

Industrial Estate / Jam Factory

Beyond the industrial estate on this side of the High Street, there are two properties.

Nos. 15 & 17
No. 19A

Staying on the same side as the industrial estate, turn your attention to the opposite side of the road and proceed up the High Street.

No. 2
Nos. 4 & 6
No. 16
No. 18
The Old Police Station
No. 22
No. 24
No. 26
The Market
Nos. 28 & 30
No. 30A
No. 32
Nos. 34 & 36
The Surgery
The Priory
Nos. 38 & 40
Nos 38A, 38B, 38C
Wall & Entrance to Cumberland Gardens
No. 42
Nos. 44 & 46
No. 48
No. 50
Nos. 52 & 52A
No. 54
Nos. 56,58,60
No. 62
No. 64
No. 66
Nos. 68 & 70
No. 72
Nos. 74 & 76
No. 78
No. 80
No. 82
Nos. 84 & 86
No. 88
Nos. 90 & 92

You have now completed the walk.

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